Friday, September 2, 2011


Instead of hounding Mary for a first day of school photo opp- I thought it more fun to post photos of her first Friday night as a cheerio. 
I am proud of my girl for trying something new and using her energy and enthusiasm for loud and proud sportiness.
Go Silver Knights!

Ponytail a'flying, yay, Mary!

Henry developed his own seven year old boy cheer moves wearing his favorite shirt.
He likes the simplicity of the message.

Rosie did indeed get the memo to wear blue and white. At first suggestion she put on her cute school spirit t-shirt, she politely declined, at my second suggestion she flat out insisted that she would be wearing only pink to cheer for her Silver Knights.

"My favor color is pink, so that is what I will wear... 
no not no
other color.
Not blue, not white, only pink, because that is what I like.
I like pink the most."

Hmm... ok Rosie, now tell me how you really feel. 
Thankfully, Mary is used to Rosie's strong fashion opinions and understood her need to express her pinkiness to the football home opener.

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  1. Love it!

    (Your R and my R have very similar strong personalities, btw!)