Friday, September 9, 2011

Knock, knock...Happy Birthday!

Knock knock- Happy Birthday! 

There is someone in my life who always makes me laugh out loud. 
We have never met in person and likely never will.
She calls herself The Bloggess and she graciously and hysterically, posts daily.
  Karl enjoys her work very much too and every evening it is now our habit to "check in with The Bloggess." We so much enjoy her fun adventures and her discussions/arguments with her husband Victor.
My favorite post that she, or anyone really, ever wrote was about a giant metal chicken that she named Beyonce and gave to Victor for their 15th anniversary. 

This post made us both laugh so hard that I held my sides and snorted not just a little, but a lot.
Snort-snort, inhale, guffaw, snort-snort... not pretty, but very fun + cleansing.

Since then whenever either Karl or I need a a good LOL- we turn to The Bloggess and she has never let us down. If we don't have a computer on hand... we have fallen into the habit of saying "knock, knock..." as a reminder to lighten up already.

So for my birthday, my dear husband created a tableau featuring my own, not giant, but medium size metal chicken, that he found at the metal animal store about half a mile from our house. 

My Beyonce is smaller, gentler and kinder then the original Giant Beyonce. He (Beyonce is a guy) arrived bearing fabulous flowers. 
The kids were instructed to set up the chicken + flowers, ring the bell and hide. 
That plan didn't work out so well and these three instead ended up bickering then outright fighting about proper placement of said chicken and flowers... which is completely predictable behavior.

They made up for it later by posing for a cute photo.

I am more than impressed that Karl went to the considerable effort of creating this hand distressed "knock, knock" signage to complete my chicken's outfit. 
A chicken sign that perfect doesn't just happen. It takes skill and creativity not to mention all of the right tools.... so thank you for that dear Karl. 

  My medium sized birthday Beyonce chicken is completely, terrifically, awesome! 
I am crazy about his big beaky self!

Thank you also dear Bloggess for the humor and joy that you have brought to our life!


  1. Love it! I actually just did something similar for my Husbands birthday....except it was 4 days of random metal birds! :)

  2. This is awesome.
    And happy birthday!

  3. Funny!!! I was just on her blog before yours! I love Beyonce!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!

  4. Yay! That is so awesome. That Bloggess post is a classic, and this is such a great Birthday surprise. The photo of mini Beyonce is priceless! XO Happy Birthday!