Sunday, September 18, 2011


 Mary had an absolutely terrific weekend. 
She was voted to her junior class homecoming court on Friday evening and then went to the dance on Saturday night. 
A true fall high school homecoming weekend at it's best.
The key advantage of being a cheerleader voted to court is that you can participate in the official halftime ceremony in your fabulous and functional cheer uniform and sneakers instead of having to march to the 50 yard line center field in a fancy outfit and impractical shoes.
 Mary's friend Alex was voted to represent all the young dudes in their junior class.
 In addition to getting to wear sneakers to court, the other great thing about being a cheerleader on homecoming night is that the cheer squad is really really good at cheering for each other. 
Most of us can only dream about having an entire squad of friends cheering for us in solidarity and support as we are introduced. Thanks to her very enthusiastic and fun cheer pals there was a ton of clapping, a few herkies, and plenty of "yay, Marys!" when she was given her flowers. 

Mary knows that she is one fortunate girl to experience something so cool in real life and was smart enough to enjoy every moment of it all.
 The following night was the dance and I took Mary to the backyard and had her do her signature arms in the air, pose.
Understandably, her little sidekick wanted in on the posing action too.
 Then Karl came out and was quite right in pointing out that Mary's new rockin' shoes were not visible in the photo I took.  
He took this one. 
So please overlook the dorky (but proud) mom in clogs in this picture and focus on Mary's amazing new fashionista shoes. 


  1. They are cute shoes!

    Nikki - blog design to change the world

  2. What a great weekend- and now it's documented for her for all time, including shoes, sidekick and awesome mom! P.S. I'm going to start demanding cheers from people everywhere I go.