Friday, September 30, 2011

Alex Pajama

Rosie has a very close friend named Alex Pajama.
Alex P. is only visible to Rosie... a pretend friend.

She is definitely a little girl except for sometimes... when she is a boy.

She is the size of a cat except for when she want to be bigger.
Alex Pajama is very, very, versatile.

Rose like to be in control of things, and she appreciates that she can Alex Pajama does whatever Rosie tells her to do. 
Although she doesn't seem like a very fun friend... she gets in trouble A LOT and spends a ton of time in the time out chair. Rosie get so frustrated with that kind of ill behavior...reprimands her in full voice.
" are not allowed to be rude!"
When Alex is not in time out, she is weeping on Rosie shoulder while she tries desperately to console her with back pats and sympathetic words.
Alex can be so misunderstood and really needs Rosie to help her feel better about her circumstances.

I am so glad that Alex has Rosie to counsel her during the tough times...oh yeah,  and also to help her exist. 

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