Monday, September 26, 2011


Happy Birthday Anna!
 My dear oldest daughter is longer a teenager... she is now, quite officially, twenty.
Here she is enjoying the last month of teen hood happily hugging a mama elephant.
And here is my girl and her little sis after celebrating her 20th birthday at P. F. Chang's with her fun and cool friends. 
She managed to find a baby elephant statue to hoist Lily on top of for this photo. Not really sure why the elephant has become such an active part of Anna's life recently, but I like it.
Perhaps it is her new power animal.
 Lily and I paid a birthday visit to campus over the weekend.
Lily slept in the dorm with Anna and had the greatest time EVER!

Here are my girls...
Lily at ten, 
Anna at twenty.

When Anna was twelve a movie came out that scared the daylights out of parents of 12 year old girls across the nation.
The film was called "THIRTEEN" and told the story of how a sweet twelve year old turned into a very  angry and very troubled teenager in a matter of months. I never saw the movie because it seemed just too  darn scary.
Imagine my relief when out Anna navigated those 8 years with grace and kindness instead of parent based hostility.
Here is Anna the year she became an official teenager.
Lily at three,
Anna at thirteen.
Thanks for the greatest 20 years- dear Anna, and wishing you 100 fabulous more!

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