Monday, October 3, 2011


T.B.D.B.I.T.L is a heartfelt acronym for the "the best damn band in the land." 
It not only perfectly describes how Ohio State alumni both present and future feel about our band, it's absolutely true.For someone like me who is challenged by doing any two things at once- the OSU Marching Band can multitask beyond imaginable. They play their instruments, they precision march, they sometimes sing... they are terrific and they got to be so damn good through commitment and hard work.
In fact, my dad likes to point out that the OSU band motto applies to most things in life...

Pick Up Your Feet,
Keep Your Corners Square.
And Drive, Drive, Drive!

You have to agree with that... it's tough to accomplish much of anything until you first pick up your feet. 
The band came to Cincinnati to play the half time show for the Bengal game and treated the city to a pre-game show on the corner. While Rosie can be equally as loud as a brass band- she was a little surprised at the volume.
As an aside, she REALLY loves the white tights that go with her new cheerio uniform and refers to them her "hanty-toes" so now, because "hanty-toes" is a far better word than pantyhose, we will likely never correct Rosie on proper pronunciation until she goes to college. Maybe not even then. 
 Here are the kids in tribute to our state spelling out the O-H-I-O with the tuba as the O. 
They were thrown off, because with our friendly stand in "O" they found themselves unable to get to  their assigned places and Rosie flatly refused to participate at all. 
She is a little nervous of tubas and those who play them.

Here is the gang in OHIO position. 
Please note that Henry is the H because he is seriously awesome at making his strong H for Henry. And Rosie recovered from her tuba scare to be a pretty good dot for the I. She is only choking Lily a tiny little bit. Of course, Mary and Jamie have totally nailed their "O's."

 The kids had a great time listening to the band until our sons got arrested.

Not really, but they did enjoy posing with this kindly motorcycle policeman whose very important job was to block off the street and direct traffic away from the best damn band in the land.

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  1. Cool! I so regret never having learned an instrument. Guess there's still time, but maybe after the kids are little older.... 'hanty toes' is part of my permanent vocabulary now, thank you very much.