Sunday, October 30, 2011

I am a Haunted Mailbox!

In honor of Halloween and the most awesome costume ever, I asked Lily if she would write something about the haunted mailbox that she and Karl made together. 
I wasn't sure what to expect... but if I was honest I would say that I was hoping for her to write about how rewarding it was to create something so cool from scratch with her fabulous father. Perhaps even a gracious mention of her loving and supportive mom encouraging her hard work could have been worked into the paragraph somehow.
Instead, Lily chose to write from the point of view of her very own creation...the demented mailbox.
Here is her story.

The Haunted Mailbox!
Lillian J. Gieseke
Every day the same old junk- sitting there, receiving mail, and... actually there's nothing else! 
Except for the mailman opening my stomach everyday. 
That gets annoying after awhile. 
Well, now you know why I was thrilled when someone stuck their hand in too far.

It was a girl- about five or six years old, on the young side but at least someone to help me with my evil plan. I wanted to HAUNT whoever came to put mail in me. I started by striking a deal with the little girl. It wasn't much of a deal. I just convinced her to fight a raccoon. She agreed and I persuaded a vicious raccoon to do that. 

It could've had rabies, I 'm not sure. 
Let's just say when the raccoon was finished with her, she wasn't too happy. I was pleased to see that her ghost could look real solid if she wanted to and she forgave me. The mailman screamed when he saw her ghost in my stomach. Our career together was officially kicked off. We started our partnership by the girl sticking her hands out and screaming
"Save me! Save me!"
That made the boys start daring each other to stick their arms in me as far as they could.
Then, I would pull them in and strike the same deal. They weren't very mad about not being let go. They wanted to haunt things anyway. Then they found out they could be invisible if they wanted to. They had a contest on who could be the scariest by sneaking up behind the innocent people and saying BOO as loud as they could. 
As soon as they started doing this the girls wouldn't go within a twenty foot radius of me.
In short, beware of a mailbox with a chain and a couple of ravens perched on top.
It might be me.
Be afraid.
Haunted Mailbox on patrol... looking for innocents to terrorize.

Creepy Haunted Mailbox story
by Lily G.
5th grade

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