Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Important Stuff that we Learned on Halloween...

 We learned lots of important stuff during Halloween of 2011.
For example...
We learned that Jamie can transform himself into a very convincing Harry Potter with the wave of his wand. 
Welcome to Hogwarts, Mr. Potter.
 And that while Henry's tornado costume was a valiant and noble effort...
we learned when to ditch it and bring on the back up Ninja outfit.
Goodbye Tornado, Hello Ninja Henry!
 We now know that Lily can walk for several miles wearing a costume that began as a wardrobe box and was lovingly fashioned into a haunted mailbox.
 We learned that Ninja Henry got Ninja angry when he overheard "strangers laughing at Lily's mailbox costume!" 
He got very defensive over his big sister's honor and constitutional right to be a mailbox and didn't much like ANYONE making fun of her.
Lily had to talk him down and explain that she was ok with people laughing because she was "supposed to be funny... a walking mailbox is a joke, I want strangers to laugh!"

 We also learned that Rosie's costume plan of being a "purple cow with a lollipop" was perfectly within reason and also extremely cute.
And that tiny purple cows can get a little undone in all of the Halloween excitement...
Hope that everyone had a very, very happy Halloween full of happy kids and fun memories.

And that you were able to restrain yourself from snarfing down too many of your kids fun size Reese's Pieces packs after they fell asleep.
Because those Pieces will give you a truly troubling candy hangover... believe me, Karl and I learned this from very recent experience.

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  1. My daughter just told me that she wants to be a purple cow for Halloween. With a Google search, I found this blog. Where in the world did you get that costume? It is perfect!!