Saturday, November 26, 2011

Young Patriot

Henry was asked to carry the American flag in the procession for his school's Thanksgiving mass. 
He was honored.
In fact that's just what he told me when he first told me his big news.
He said "I am honored to carry the big American flag in church."
I asked him why his teacher asked him, he told me it was because she trusted him and thought he would do a good job...the ultimate compliment for Henry. 
He was very excited to do his part but also very serious. 
And a little bit solemn.
Just as a proud flag bearer should be.
He was asked to wear his boy scout uniform, and was thrilled that he got "special permission"from the higher ups (school principal) to be out of school uniform for the day.
This was a really big deal for our little guy and he dutifully led the procession while the congregation sang "God Bless America."  There is something really adorable about a very serious 7 year old bearing the flag.
I learned that part of the responsibility of carrying the flag is that you need to be mindful of the  candles. Catching the flag on fire in front of his classmates and teachers was a scenario that I didn't consider until Henry's teacher gave him a last minute reminder to watch out for the candles.
As a mom, worst case scenario (in church, public flag burning) flashed through my mind as I advised Henry to keep the flag high and his eyes on it when he passed the candles.
He followed through and thankfully, there were no accidental fires in mass.

Henry defines himself as an American who was born in Guatemala.
It seems fitting then that he should help honor Thanksgiving, the only holiday that is distinctly American.  
This is a photo of the day (six years almost exactly) of our little guy in court. The day he officially became a proud citizen of the United States of America.
Well done Henry.

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  1. I am reading back through your posts and your family is just so amazing and interesting to me. This post, specifically the picture, with Henry in a coat and tie next to that calendar date gave me chills. I love it. What a journey.