Sunday, November 6, 2011

Passport to Forever - 2011

Our little guys had a very exciting opportunity to work the catwalk last night at the annual Passport to Forever benefit for the International Adoption Center at Cincinnati Children's.
Rosie got to walk with her little buddy Ryan, because they are younger (read: not to be trusted) they were supposed to walk with a helper, who happened to be big sis Mary.  
Mary said that the two of them decided that they were going to "hold hands and walk all by themselves."
And so they did.

They worked their Christmas pj's with style...
Rosie was a very sassy little sugar plum fairy and Ryan was the most serious and adorable Santa ever.

I can't tell you how much I hope that these two go to prom someday so that I can use these photos will serve as a classic reminder of their early days together.
Jamie and Henry rocked their look as very handsome young dudes in blazers.
Jamie chose to wear his bow tie because he has a clear understanding of how awesome this look is.  
 Jamie loves to dress up and look stylish...not so much a priority for Henry, though he still enjoyed himself while on the runway.
Not sure exactly what Jamie said to Henry here, but he is definitely giving his big brother the dagger eyes.

It was a fantastic evening. 
The kids enjoyed having a chance to show off and their proud parents and guests were happy to cheer for them.
  Everyone at the event was  delighted to be there and do what they can to support Dr. Mary Staat and the staff of the IAC... so instrumental in helping each of these kids find their forever family.

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  1. That is so cool! Look at Rosie owning that catwalk. She's totally loving it- and yep, these are pretty priceless photos to have when everyone is older.