Friday, November 4, 2011

Day of the Dead + 3 More Days

I was hoping to get these photos of the Day of the Dead inspired mosaic skull on the actual Mexican holiday of November 1st. But then it took me three more days to recover from the Ohio holiday of Halloween to find them and post... so in honor of the Day of the Dead +3, here is
La Cabeza 
by Niki de Saint Phalle
La Cabeza can be found in Charlotte, NC in a very nice little park across from the art museum that serves as a temporary, (but long term) home for some wonderful sculptures. 

Before she died in 2002, Niki de Saint Phalle expressed a desire for children to be drawn to her sculptures and be able to explore them fully. 
She would have been very cool with Henry crawling into La Cabeza's sinuses and taking childhood exploration to a new level of familiarity.
 You can walk through the ears of La Cabeza to check out his fun for so many reasons.
Who knew skull brains could be so awesome. 
Here is Henry peeking out under the brains and through his choppers.

Not many little dudes can strike a casual pose like Jamie, from the inside of these very pearly whites.

Another one of Ms. de Saint Phalle creations has a permanent home standing guard in front of the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art. The Firebird is directly across the street from the his pal, La Cabeza. We love The Firebird because it reminds us so much of Lily's favorite birdy friend, Harry.
Here is Harry striking his own impressive firebird on a pumpkin pose.
I think you'll agree that the similarities between the two are quite remarkable.

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  1. I love her sculptures! I've always wanted to actually see one in real life. These are really cool, and your photos are great. They're just perfect backgrounds for kids.