Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ninja Bats.

Jamie and Henry spent about two hours on a rainy Sunday afternoon energetically jumping off our staircase landing.
Quite obviously, they were Ninja Bats.
And after the first few minutes of leaping, they were very sweaty Ninja Bats.
Jamie has enjoyed many hours of good times from his very own set of vulture wings... a fortuitous impulse buy from out summertime visit to the National Aviary.
Henry's wings were borrowed from Turkey, our near blind and much beloved Boston terrier.
Henry didn't mind the tiny terrier sized wings and happily called himself
Thankfully, Turkey is a very good sharer and was happy to loan out his bat costume to one of his favorite kids.

If you happen to find yourself in our messy foyer-
please beware of the leaping Ninja Bats.
They can be a little bit dangerous.

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