Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Princess Cake in 40 hours or less.

Rosie is a bit of an impulse shopper (huge understatement) and when she came across a cake making kit where you can create your own cake version of a Barbie doll, she decided that this was a "must have" item. 

I completely agreed.

Can you tell that she is excited about making "Princess Cake?"

Things got a little out of control when the princess cake pan turned into a party hat. 
The boys favorite song right now is Party Rock Anthem which they were blasting in the kitchen at full volume, so the sound track for this photo is electronic club music.
Eventually, we had to turn off the tunes and go to bed, leaving Princess Cake to cool. 

It turned out Princess Cake had plenty of time.
Our Saturday was a busy one and cake decorating was moved to the back burner.
But never fear...
Bright and early Sunday morning Miss Rose and I were able to finish up the spectacular Princess Cake.
(Jamie is in the background, making his morning toast.)
Nailed it.
I learned that the best pose for Princess Cake is to position her dancing with her arms up...helps keep her pits free of icing. 

And it only took us a mere 40 hours...
from the crack of the first egg to the final touchdown princess pose.


  1. Oh, princess cake! I wasn't cool enough to make one of these with my girl. Love the triumphant barbie pose- Did you take pics of her slowly sinking down as you all ate the cake?

  2. Nope.... I couldn't photo document her melting down because the first thing to go was her icing bra top, courtesy of my sons. Poor Princess Cake... it was all downhill after that.