Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Floppy Hair!

Imagine my delight when Karl recently discovered his very own (adorable) senior portrait in a box of old pics and shared it with me. 
Since Rosie was with me, I showed it to her and asked her who it was.
"Justin Bieber" she shot back without an ounce of hesitation.

Yep... you're right Rosie, now I can see how you could confuse your dad with Justin Bieber.
In the same box, we found this historic photo of Karl, ten or so years later upon graduating from architecture school. He is posing with his future business partner (and founding member of the fabulous firm, Gieseke/Rostenthal Architecture and Design) and Christy, Andrew's future amazing wife. 
(ok... that's a lot of futures for these three)
When I showed Rosie this photo and asked her who it was, just as quickly as she identified the 18 year old Karl as Justin Bieber, this man was clearly
"Daddy with Floppy Hair!"
While it was nice, (and entertaining) that for a moment Karl was seen as a teen idol through the eyes of his youngest daughter, it was without a doubt that he was more happily recognized as the floppy haired daddy so important to Miss Rose.

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  1. That is hilarious! And he actually looks shockingly like the Biebs there. The future business partner looks a lot like my husband when he was a youngin'. Weird.