Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Been Booed.

 My family has Been Booed!
We discovered a Halloween package on our doorstep with all sorts of fabulous and spooky treats, including these awesome socks, immediately coveted by Henry.

The kids were so excited about this because it was a COMPLETE and TOTAL surprise. They didn't quite understand how it happened at first and thought that someone like the tooth fairy (who has been spending a lot of time in Henry's room lately) got a wild hair and decided to do something Halloween-y for a change.
I explained that it was not a Halloween fairy, but one of our cool neighbors and now it was our turn to leave some surprise packages.
They liked this idea even more.
They had a great time putting together a their own treat bags waited until dark to set out to do their own Booing.
"It's like we were Halloween ninjas." said Lily, who was nearly "caught" by her friend's dad.
All very thrilling.
Here is the website in case you would like to do your own neighborhood Been Booed. There is an office version too... I'm pretty sure that this counts as team building and will likely increase productivity and stuff like that. Nighttime ninja operations are probably optional.
Here ya go...
I really love our neighborhood.

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