Monday, October 17, 2011

Miss Piggy loves Kermit

Words can't really add much to these photos...but I will mention that Karl and I were dressed to go to a Halloween party where lots and lots of other folks were costumed and looking equally as goofy, all for a great cause. While our children were embarrassed on our behalf, ("...are you sure there will be other people dressed up too?") we thought we looked pretty darn festive. 
Miss Piggy loves Kermie!
I received a sort of  compliment during the evening when someone told me that I wasn't chubby enough to be a good pig. I really feel I must defend my favorite Muppet here... Miss Piggy is not at all chubby- she is a bit curvy perhaps, but in all of the photos that I could find of her she appears to be quite fit. She is also very modest... my Miss Piggy research did not lead me to any piggy cleavage or unsavory photos. Miss Piggy is a feminist pig who appreciates glamor and high fashion and is devoted to her frog. 

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