Monday, April 8, 2013

Hard. But not impossible.

For lent, Henry decided to give up candy.
We aren't Catholic, and lenten sacrifices aren't something that our family participates in, so I asked him why he chose to give up something that he liked so much.
"That's the point," he said "it would be easy to give up something easy, you are supposed to give up something hard." 

And so he honored that promise and for 40 days he declined candy...I overheard him telling one of his buddies "no thanks, gave up candy for lent," when offered some Reece's Pieces and couldn't believe my ears. 
On Easter Sunday, as he was happily munching away on all of the candy that he had saved since early February, I asked him what the toughest part of sticking it out...
"It was really hard during the Easter egg hunt at school when I was hungry and I found some of those little Hershey eggs... I wanted them so badly, but didn't want to blow it, so I had to distract myself from the chocolate. 
It was hard but not impossible" 
The Easter morning payoff...
40 days worth of saved treats, including all of the sweet Valentine's chocolate saved for the happy day. 
Well earned, Hank. 

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