Monday, April 22, 2013

Mr. Imwalle, Baseball and a Best Buddy.

Mr. Imwalle, his dear fiancee Lauren, and two very happy boys.
As a generous means of raising money for the school, Jamie's cool math teacher offered himself and his very supportive fiancee up for auction. Mr. Imwalle willingly, and rather happily, agreed to take a 4th grade student and his pal to a Reds game.
(as long as he could bring his dear fiancee, Lauren along)
When Jamie heard of this offering, he was very much in it to win it. He asked me to "bid often and high" to ensure that he was the lucky auction winner.
(not sure where he got the hip auction lingo- but he loved throwing it around) 
I don't think there could be anything more glamorous and exciting then spending the afternoon at a Reds game with your best pal, your math teacher and his beautiful fiancee.
  Jamie and his buddy (and fellow math student) couldn't wait for the day to begin which put us at the ballpark early enough to take many cool photos pretending to get beaned by historic ball players. 
 I thought that spending three hours together at a Reds game would be a perfect chance to brush up on the math facts, but Mr. Imwalle proved his solid understanding of 10 year old boys,
and chose not to practice facts, and instead took some great photos.
 The best part of the day?
Extra innings!
While the Reds did indeed win, it took them 4 extra innings before they could blast the tall stacks. 
I really believe that the true hero of the afternoon is sweet Lauren who very much deserves a very nice dinner out. Multiple hours of boys, baseball and cheese coneys should be seen as a rigorous and extreme premarital test for any woman, no matter how strong and cheerful she might be.
Thank you Mr. Imwalle and Miss Lauren for a great day these guys will remember forever... you are both truly terrific!

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