Friday, April 12, 2013

A Meet Cute in the Friendly Skies.

Rosie and Handsome Stranger sharing earbuds and a film.
On the final leg home from our spring break trip to Florida, Rosie found herself sitting with her weary, but tolerant sister to her right, and a handsome stranger to her left. She was thrilled. I was sitting in front of her and enjoyed eavesdropping on the backseat conversation.
Handsome stranger broke the ice by asking her if she needed help with her seat belt. He offered assistance because she was pretend struggling with it- she is a Houdini with all things seat belty, but was faking extreme difficulty to alarm me.
I chose to ignore her, and he offered to help.
So she backtracked and then over explained to Handsome Stranger how she had no problem with the seat belt AT ALL, but just liked "flipping the clicky thing" on the belt which made him ask....
"weren't you the girl who really had to go to the bathroom on the other plane?"
(Rosie had a bathroom emergency during our descent and was very vocal about sharing her needs)
While you would think that being correctly identified as the loud girl who had to pee would be a little embarrassing, Rosie was flattered to be recognized.
"Oh yes, that was me... I had to tinkle so badly I almost wet my pants!"
   Handsome stranger then asked if she went to the bathroom before she got on this plane, which was a good and practical question from an airplane neighbor.
"Yes I did- and do you like doughnuts?"
(her thoughtful, though peculiar, reply)
And so began their entertaining two hour conversation...
Happily, Rosie's new friend was the chatty type and seemed very ok with having a younger lady hang on his every word. He even rewarded her with the ultimate compliment when he told her that he thought she was older because "you really do talk a lot."
To this, she told him she would soon be five and then introduced Lily, mentioning that she was 12 and proudly pointed out that she was "wearing lovely braces." 
Clearly she was doing whatever she could to come across as a mature and sophisticated lady and apparently it was working...when they seemed too quiet, I peeked back to check to see the two watching an iPad movie together.
Rosie had one earbud and Handsome Stranger the other.
Well played, Miss Rosie. 

Which reminded me of another sweet duo who met similarly and just celebrated their
first wedding anniversary together.
Happy Anniversary Carly and Marc,
a couple with the very best and by far most romantic meet cute ever.

Wishing you a lifetime of friendly skies together.

(footnote- while my pal Carly did indeed meet her future husband by sitting next to him on a flight,  she was far more demure with her bathroom habits than my Rosie...most folks are)

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