Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Our Fireball turns Five!

After day of personal birthday fanfare, Rosie is now a girl of five.

She had a great day that began by having breakfast in a crown made of pink construction paper and ended with her in bed, but fighting like crazy to keep her eyes open.
"When I fall asleep, my birthday will be over."
(the birthday truth is painful sometimes)
We compromised by reading her new birthday books until her five year old eyes betrayed her and she couldn't keep them open for another second, not even for Llama, Llama Learns to Share.
(spoiler alert...Llama does indeed, learn to share)
The highlight of her day was being in charge of my birthday brownies at snack seems that
my girl appreciates the power of brownies.
And also planning a shopping trip with the birthday money from her Grandma...
"I want to buy cute shoes and chocolate ice cream."
(she is so much like you, Anna)
Happy Birthday to my dear Little Fireball- you are much loved!
birthday morning breakfast crown

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