Saturday, April 13, 2013

Alligator Snuggles!

During our Florida visit, the kids found a nice gentleman in a mall who would let them hug his 'gator for two dollars a person, if you could convince your mom that it was worth it. 
What a bargain!
How often do you come across an alligator at the mall? 
The gator man thoughtfully allowed each kid to first put a towel over their shoulders...not sure if this was so that the sweet gator would feel a bit more cozy and comfortable or to protect their clothes in case the 'gator pooped.
Either way it made them look as though they were being inducted into a
bizarre alligator hugging swamp-cult.
Swampcult 'gator hugger, Jamie.
Hugger Henry.
Who would have guessed that Lily would be the most comfortable snuggling her new pal?
Both girl and 'gator appear to be delighted with each other...Lily looks like she could move into the swamp tomorrow and be quite happy with her new digs.
Both the sweet alligator and I were a little concerned that Rosie would get nervous and let go, but she was just fine while her buddy squirmed a bit in reptilian anxiety.
I guess it will take more than a few wiggles to make this tough little girl nervous enough to drop her 'gator. 
The alligator's handler fellow/dad told Jamie that if he held him very close to the camera, he would look very big and freaky-cool.
He was absolutely correct and Jamie really benefited from his years of experience posing with alligators.
Thank you dear alligator for not biting or pooping on my are by far the fairest and loveliest creature in the swamp!

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