Friday, July 5, 2013

Betsy Ross and George Washington...a short bathroom drama.

In honor of out nations birthday, Rosie and Jamie "wrote" and produced a play based on probably not very historical events.
In this production, Betsy Ross (Rosie G.) went to the bathroom while George Washington (Jamie G.) waited in the hallway. When she was finished doing her business, George banged the butt of his rifle three times on the floor and called out  "all hail Betsy Ross!" 
Following that robust announcement, Betsy would emerge from the bathroom, have some sort of revolutionary emotional breakdown causing George to leap into action and subdue her.
It's not clear if George and Betsy are friends or seems as though they are frienemies at best.
After all that bathroom drama, Betsy insisted on exercising her her own personal independence and fled the scene in her hot wheels Barbie jeep. 

Hope your 4th was just as lively. 
Happy birthday to you, United States of America!

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