Monday, July 1, 2013

Hyde Park Blast Kids Run

My neighborhood was absolutely oozing with physical fitness yesterday.
I participated mostly by shopping for cute Hyde Park Blast t shirts, but
my daughters and their pals were a part of the actual sporty scene, waking up early to join the kids races.
As you can see, the 4-6 year old heat was super serious.
Some kids wore tutus and some brought their parents as support/paparazzi.
Rosie was very excited to be a "runner girl" and counted the days to the race on her Hello Kitty calendar. I suggested that she practice running the route while she waited for race day, but she thought that marking each day off with a Sharpie marker was preparation and conditioning enough.
 The older kids division was more competitive. The 10-12 year old gang ran a lot farther and faster than the little guys. 
No parents even attempted to keep up with this crew.
Here goes Lily 
(green shirt/ black socks)
and her pal Mia
(purple shirt/black socks) 
12 year old girls really are all long legs and ponytails.
 The big finish!
 The little girls were thrilled with their post race medal bling...
and the big girls were thrilled with their beers. 
Just kidding!
Mia and Lily didn't really have a 16 oz drafts, they just chose this spot to rest and recover following their run.
The Hyde Park Blast was founded 12 years ago by two Hyde Park residents and has grown bigger and better each year since. Over the years they have added an elite run as well as bike races to their ever popular 4 mile run. 
The entire day is very well organized and a whole lot of fun for all ages, in fact, it's a blast!
Energetic volunteers have worked hard to make this event a success and have raised a lot of money for a good cause- the fight against cancer.

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