Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hank the Happy Camper.

Here is my boy on Saturday morning when I picked him up from a week away at Camp Ernst.
If the photo looks hazy, hot and humid, it's because it really was... and Henry was too. 
But he had a great week. 
He did all sorts of adventurous stuff, zip lining, giant water slide, giant swing...a lot of giant stuff happens while at camp. 
And also some messy stuff too.
On Saturday afternoon, I was semi alarmed to find something not quite right in his hair and scalp. I looked closer (with my readers) and asked if he was itchy before I realized that the foreign matter in his hair was potato chips and not bugs. 
How did you get chips in your hair?
Don't remember.
But it really could have been any time over the course of the week because, while I packed 7 shirts for 6 days of camp, 5 of those t shirts were still folded neatly in his bin. He wore exactly two shirts during a week of camp.
He also realized that the closest thing to a parent at camp were these two very fun and kind of goofy college guys who didn't really care if he showered or changed his clothes. 
It was Henry's week of heaven, although I think that he wasn't really Henry at all because I found this amongst his post camp debris. 
It seems that my son "Hank" was awarded Camper of the Day on one of the days last week. 
He wasn't sure what he did that day to deserve such and honor... thought that it might have been some of the awesome jumps that he did off of the trampoline anchored in the middle of the lake.
Or maybe it was this party trick...

Strange but very true.
I am more than proud that my son "Hank" can now blow up a balloon with his nose.
Every young man needs to own a skill and now my dear son has this.

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