Saturday, July 6, 2013

Camp Anna!

Lily and Mary traveled to Charlotte to pay a little pre-4th visit to their oldest and uber cool sister Anna.
"Camp Anna" began with a field trip to the zoo and also included shopping, pedicures, and Pintrest inspired crafts as the main camp activities. 
Not exactly a wilderness camp experience, but these are survival skills of a different nature.
Here are three of the four sisters of the sisterhood  posing in their adorable hand crafted patriotic t-shirts.
The shortest sister (Miss Rosie) is not quite mature enough for the rigorous demands of Camp Anna...her time will come soon enough. 
Lily G. at the Lily P. store.
Anna treated her sisters to a early morning visit to the Lazy 5 Ranch...a safari inspired zoo where you drive through the zoo in your own car and feed the animals out the windows.
Lily loved this concept and happily popped out the top of Anna's sun roof to feed this cute giraffe.

Lily noted that while the act of feeding the animals from your sun roof was not illegal, jumping out of your car to take a photo of your sister doing so was against the rules and Anna got yelled at by a guy for doing so.
She was honored that her big sis risked park ranger humiliation to get a cute picture...true sister love.
And here she getting up close and personal with a cute and hungry llama.
Although the Camp Anna visit was short, it was a sweet one with all three of my little bears enjoying each other company immensely.
Thank you Anna for being such a wonderful host/camp counselor... you are a perfect big sister!

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