Sunday, July 14, 2013

Three New Little Free Libraries!

Three fabulous Little Free Libraries have graced the neighborhoods of Cincinnati recently...
 and three more will go up soon.
My girls and I did a little tour visiting these dear little libraries...they chose to dance and pose in front of the libraries while I took a few photos.
(far more cute than if I danced and they photographed...which would have been really weird)
The Faherty family, lovers of all things books, recently installed this little library in front of their house on Mooney Ave. in Hyde Park.
It is built to match their own house and is lovingly dedicated to Elizabeth Ann Kendrick...  
"who loved to share books."
This is Rosie's most favorite library in the world because Lucy, the youngest member of the Faherty family, does a wonderful job taking care of the books as a part of her duty as head librarian.
Lucy and Rose are dear friends and kindred spirits.  
Here are Lily and her pal Mia posing in front of the newest, cutest, library in Oakley.
The Blume Family Little Free Library in located on 32nd Ave
(behind King Arthur's Court) and is
 "dedicated to teachers everywhere who's love and dedication change children's lives and futures everyday."
This one is hosted by the Moran Family on Oxford Terrace in Clifton.
It is all dressed up in festive balloons for it's grand opening that Rosie and I were so graciously invited to attend.
Abby Moran is a dedicated teacher who absolutely loves books and is excited to get them into the hands of other people- kids especially, who absolutely love books.

The mission of the little free libraries are to build community and promote the love of reading by building free book exchanges worldwide.
It appears that the people of Cincinnati agree and believe that the simple act of sharing books is a whole lot of fun as well as being a valuable means of building community. 
Stay tuned Cincinnati...enjoy these three new and awesome little free libraries and know that there are three more coming soon!

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