Monday, April 16, 2012


 Our Rosie turns four today!
In honor of her day here are a few photos that her big brother Jamie took of her embracing her last day of being three. 
She spent a fair part of the day rolling in the grass and giggling.
 Rosie loves to belt out the lyrics to Bruce Springsteen's much loved (and kind of raunchy), rock ballad Rosalita.
I know that these aren't the exact words to the song but this is how Rosie sings them... often and loudly. Because I'm her mom, I think I prefer her version to those of the Boss.

Rosalita jump a little higher
Senorita come dance by the fire
I want to be your girl-I'm not lying.
Rosalita your my desire!

Shine on little Rose.
Have a very, very, happy birthday and keep on jumping just a little bit higher!

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