Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hello, Lego!

Hello Legoland!
After spending some time in the Big Magical Parks in Orlando we found Legoland to be an easy breezy respite well suited for our gang.
The park is brand just opened a few months ago in a former botanical garden. So now it's a beautifully landscaped home for lovely flora and billions of little plastic bricks from Germany.
We loved it...
There were whole mini cities built from Lego... it was all very cool and my Lego obsessed kids were most impressed. 
Here is a bust of our friend Einstein, enormous and built entirely our of Lego.
I directed my kids to look smart... the boys instead chose to pick Mr Einstein's giant Lego nose.
 The rides are designed for the 2-12 year old set, which worked well for us as four of our kids fit in that age range. I was really happy that Jamie was a responsible boat driver and did not throw his little sister into the drink. She was too.
Rosie turned into a tiny thrill seeker as long as her big brothers rode with her. 
Don't worry... no boys were actually harmed in the making of this photo. 
Jamie thought this would be an awesome pose and he was right. It's not often you get a chance to pose as though you are being eaten alive by a giant great white Lego shark!

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