Friday, April 20, 2012

Princess Belle goes to the Junior Prom.

 And so goes Mary and her friend and fellow actor, Nick off to the junior prom.
When Mary came down the steps, dressed up and ready for a night of prom, Rosie clasped hands to heart and exclaimed...
"Belle! You look just like Belle!"
 I agree, Rosie.
Mary does carry an uncanny resemblance to a Disney princess. 
Here are Mary and Nick being really really good sports with all of the pre- prom photos and posing with the little sibs. Please note that Jamie dressed up a bit. I think wanted to be ready to stand in just in case one of the fabulous teenage girls was stood up by her date. 
He was hoping for one of Mary's friends to say...
"I need a nice guy to be my new prom date.. are there any single guys here in a sports jacket? Who cares if you're nine, dude- get in the limo!"
Unfortunately for Jamie, that didn't happen.
And here are Mary and Nick looking extremely happy after they ditched the kids...
Enjoy the dance and be safe you two!

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