Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Guatemalan Easter Egg Hunt

What history does this gang of great kids share?
There were all born in Guatemala and spent their earliest beginnings there. 
( a few home grown sibs are in the photo too)
Last Saturday, Friends Through Guatemalan Adoption hosted the very best Easter egg hunt and gathering at a local park. 
FTGA is a truly cool group based in Southwest Ohio made up of families who have been touched by Guatemalan adoption. Our family is extremely fortunate to live in an area that has such a great group so that our Guatemalan born boys can connect and spend time with other kids who were also adopted from Guatemala.  
I can't recall the number of plastic eggs that the dedicated moms were required to stuff with stuff... but I think it was in the ball park of 800. Some were filled with candy, many others were Guatemalan themed with goodies brought back from some of the moms recent visits. Here Jamie shows off a tiny square of white jade that was in one of his eggs. 
He now carries that jade as his "lucky Guatemalan stone."
Henry was thrilled with his Guatemalan friendship bracelets. 
Jamie also scored a few bracelets and a little beaded ring- he celebrated Easter with some fresh bling.
Ryan found perhaps the most Easter eggs of any of the hunters. He is shy of crowds (like a herd of excited eggs hunters) and wisely started hunting for his own eggs away from the rest of the pack. It turned out to be a most effective strategy. 
Well played Major B.     
Rosie was happy to get in on the action too!
After the egg hunt one of the moms spoke of the importance of the Easter holiday in Guatemala. 
She also explained how alfombras de aserrian are created. The kids learned that the alfombras are remarkably intricate,  beautiful carpets made of dyed sawdust on Guatemalan streets during holy week. 
 (thanks Kristin!) 
The kids were able to make their own sidewalk alfombras with dyed sawdust and fresh flowers. 
The very same moms who stuffed 800 eggs with cool stuff also had the energy to dye big tupperware containers of sawdust with Rit dye for the kids.
Did I mention how lucky my boys are to be in the company of such fabulous moms?
Thanks Sonya, Aimee and all of the moms who worked to make this event so special, all of your hard work and dedication is very much appreciated.
Here is a photo of a Guatemalan street getting ready for holy week with their own alfombra de aserrin.
 I can't believe that it's created from sawdust...amazing!

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