Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Giants Beware!

So yesterday I came across this very cool kids book at my neighborhood bookstore.
 (the awesome Joesph- Beth Booksellers) 
I thumbed through it, thought it looked like something my kids would really enjoy and so bought it for my graphic novel loving kids. 
(When it comes to cool books, I admit, I indulge) 
It was only later, that I noticed the name of the illustrator; Rafael Rosado... a friend from way back in my Bradley Hall days at Ohio State.
(What-wait! I know this guy!)
And the best part was that he was scheduled for a book signing at Jo-Beth the following evening.
So of course I took the gang back tonight so that they could meet Raf and have their books signed.
He even took the time to personalize each book with one of the characters from Giants Beware!
How 'bout we slay some giants!
It was great to see Raf again and meet his wonderful wife and daughters. My kids were thrilled with their personally signed copies of Giants Beware and were nose to page until Karl had to pry them out of their hands so that they would actually go to sleep tonight.

Lily is now reading it for the second time and offers this mini review...

"It's really good. It has it all... there are three really interesting main characters...a brave warrior, a princess wannabee and a nervous cook. They go on an adventure to slay a giant, but there's a twist. It's a really funny and exciting book. There is also a pug named Valiant who makes the cutest expressions. I highly recommend it."  

So there you have it...
Adventure, interesting characters and a cute pug = a seriously great book as reviewed by my resident 5th grader.

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