Monday, April 2, 2012

Thoroughly Modern Mary

Our Mary played the part of the Chinese brother Bun Fu in her school production of Thoroughly Modern Millie this weekend. Bun Fu spoke no English, so Mary was required to deliver every line in Cantonese. It was both odd and cool to watch my dear daughter speak convincing Chinese on stage, Karl and I were impressed and he asked her if the experience made her want to study more Chinese.

"Are you kidding me? Those were the hardest lines I ever had to learn and a lot of people didn't believe that I really learned them... they thought I made up just random words that sounded Chinese." 
Mary was involved in some intense stage moments...
and heated Chinese monologue.
I'm not sure if you can have a musical without a few high kicks, and Millie was no exception. 
It was a very entertaining show...Mary had a wonderful time being a part of it and as usual, was a little sad after the final performance. She will definitely miss the song and dance portion in her everyday life as a high school junior without a stage show to prepare for. 

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