Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Big Pig Little Free Library

 A few years ago Todd Boll of Madison, Wisconsin put a miniature library in his front yard. The concept was simple... take a book leave a book. Enjoy reading. 
Since then the idea of the Little Free Library has grown into what USA Today describes as a "small but growing movement."
We are so excited to be a part of a MOVEMENT!
We put our very own Little Free Library up on the corner of our yard about a week ago. Because it shares a corner with our very classy cement yard art hog we are calling it
(Also so named as a tip of the hat to the historical Cincinnati nickname of "Porkopolis.")

The mission of the little free libraries are to build community and promote the love of reading by building free book exchanges worldwide... who couldn't support that mission?
I can honestly say that The Big Pig Little Free Library has quickly become the busiest library on the block. Our collection consists of about 20 titles, both adult and children's books. All sorts of different titles have been exchanged over the past week and it's been great to watch the flow of bookie traffic. During the day, it seems to get the most use from adults, retirees and the like, with a lot of kids stopping by after school.
I love it.
Please come visit.
This is how I first learned of the "movement."

 Busiest library on the block!
 So this photo is kind of staged... Mary doesn't often stand by the library looking cute and browsing books, I made her pose because she happened to be dressed nicely. 
(doesn't she look stylish?)
However...Lily's little pal was completely and honestly engrossed in her book and didn't notice me taking photos. 


  1. A wonderful idea. This very evening I've been browsing your library, which I've discovered while having a walk after dinner. One of the loveliest little spots at this city of Cincinnati I'm beginning to know. Congratulations!