Thursday, May 10, 2012

Miss Lily... Young Violinist.

Lily had her spring violin recital the other day and completely rocked the Minuet in G.
(that would be an extremely biased review from Lily's mom)
Her audience was made up of her fellow middle schoolers, parents, teachers and ten other young musicians. In middle school, playing for adults is relatively easy...we are all proud and quickly impressed by their musical abilities. Playing for your friends; your fellow 11 and 12 year olds, can be a lot tougher and calls for added courage. 
Lily still gets nervous but has had quite a few recital opportunities over the years. Here is Lily at the tender age of 5 playing in her first Christmas pageant recital. 
(she was double cast as a heavenly angel)
Her teacher, Mrs. Johnson is seen right by her side, kindly and patiently helping her bow the notes. 
Lois Johnson is an incredibly talented violinist and a member of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. That means she divides her time between working with the symphony, surrounded by the most beautiful and complicated music being played in the city, AND helping kindergarteners squeak out twinkle, twinkle.
I imagine that moving between those two extremes can be an assault on the senses, but I am so glad that Mrs. Johnson is brave enough to take on the challenge of young students. She has been a true blessing to Lily, offering kindness and encouragement over the years... a truly wonderful teacher.
 Mrs Johnson generously hosts recitals in her own home for her young students. Here seven year old Lily plays in one of her at home recitals.
Here is Lily at age eight in a recital with Mrs. Johnson close by...
 And here they are after the most recent recital. 
Thank you Mrs Johnson for six great years of violin and looking forward to many more! 

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