Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pretend Skydiving.

 My dear hovercraft husband working his best pretend skydiving moves.

There are some times, when although I don't really have a clear understanding of something- I sign up anyway. Why? I don't know... I guess to be a good sport, or maybe to pretend like I am a fun and adventurous mom. The "fake it 'till you make it" approach to parenting. As an example, not long ago Karl felt the need to add some family excitement to our lives. He thought of the idea of throwing each of us into a giant vertical wind tunnel to see what happens, might just be the thing. And for whatever strange reason, I agreed that fake skydiving would be a fabulous way to spend the afternoon with the kids.

And so I found myself in a pretend skydiving facility (i-Fly) psyching myself up to fall into a giant wind tunnel where hopefully, 100 mph wind would turn me into a hovering mothership.  
I shouldn't have been nervous... but I still was. My entire family (except for Rosie) had just gone ahead of me... and left with big smiles. It seemed overly dramatic to be uptight about doing something my seven year old just did and enjoyed... but Henry does do some weird stuff, and shouldn't be used as a benchmark for good judgement.
But anyway, I gave in to the peer pressure of my family and fell into the wind. 
Thankfully, I discovered that 100 mph is indeed enough wind to elevate my bootay, which is a good to know. And it was really kind of fun in a weird way.   
While I'm not dying to go back and work on my pretend skydiving moves... the rest of my family can't wait to return and once again take the leap into the massive vertical tunnel of wind. 
Here is the link in case you are ever in Orlando and feel the urge to go skydiving without the terror of jumping out of an airplane.
Mary is a most awesome pretend skydiver!
Henry never stopped grinning- he loved the whole experience of jumping into the wind.
Here flies Jamie...
Our pretend skydiver teacher was cool... he jumped into the wind too and grabbed the kids hands to fly them up 20 feet or so. It was the exact same imagery as when Charlie and Grandpa Joe had to burp their way down from the inside of the glass elevator in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
The H-Bomb flies solo!
Team G working the glamor of flight suits and safety helmets.
(check out the official notice to those pretend skydivers with shoulder issues)

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