Friday, May 25, 2012

Our Media Circus...

It looks like the media circus that surrounded the tragic pignapping of our cement hog has packed up and moved on in search of other newsworthy happenings.
Yes... our pignapping was reported on in the Cincinnati Enquirer and on all three local news stations.
Because it was a really, really important news event.
It was even picked up by the UPI so that folks in places like Kansas City and San Fransisco would have a clear understanding of this crime against humanity.
We also made something called Weird News that is hosted by Yahoo.
That's right, my entire family was featured on Weird News.
On Monday morning a respectable newsman knocked on my door and I found myself in serious conversation about my big cement pig, recently taken by thieves.
Is your pig a male or female? asked the respectable reporter.
Female. She's a lady pig, a sow.
How do you know?
me: I just do.
What is her name?
  me: uhhh...
She doesn't have a name!?!
me: I guess not...we always just called her the Big Pig... she is the librarian for the Big Pig Little Library, so I guess her name is Big Pig.
And so I found myself getting all defensive about not giving my cement pig librarian a real name.

Why does the media have to be so judge-y?

Later that afternoon, Karl came home after a board meeting and found Rosie on the front lawn "mic-ed up for a sound bite" and wondered what he missed. 
A lot. 
You missed a lot. 
The press is here to report on our pignapping.
You can't be serious.
Oh yes... this is really important news.

One news reporter really did his best to put a tragic spin on the pignapping. He thought that Rosie would be saddened after losing the family big cement pig and was hoping to get video of a cute little girl upset over her loss. 
Instead this is what he got. 
Doesn't this child look devastated?
Here are the kids with Channel 9 reporter Jenell Walton after she did a "live shot" from our corner once our Big Pig was recovered from the nasty vacant lot.

While the attention was a fun two day distraction, I was happy to return to our usual media free lifestyle.
After my 48 hours of attention I feel like a true kindred spirit to the famed Brittany and Lindsey. I completely understand why they flew the pignapping victims and troubled pop stars have so much in common in terms of riveting, newsworthy, press coverage.

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