Tuesday, May 22, 2012

FOUND!!! Our Big Pig is HOME!

  While I would love to imagine that our dear Big Pig was whisked away on a festive and care free holiday, it is obvious that she is the victim of some terrible abuse. Our pig is still smiling, but she has suffered, both physically and emotionally. She will need to undergo reconstructive surgery on her ears and of course, will also need a fair bit of psychological counseling. 
She was found frightened and naked in a wooded area adjacent to an abandoned lot. A lot that is  notorious for being a lawless teenage hideout... the kind of place where underage thieves and pignappers congregate and partake in unwholesome activities.
Oh she suffered, our poor dear big cement pig. 
Monte and Angela Davis and their two sons, our pig rescuers.
 Until she was discovered by her rescuers, whose family business, Pixels and Dots, is not far from this lot. They found her and then alerted us, and helped bring our little piggy home again.

Karl and I would like to personally thank our local news media for helping us spread the word of our tragic pignapping. So many worked tirelessly to find her and bring her HOME!

(our dear pig was covered by The Cincinnati Enquirer, WLWT Channel 5 news and Channel 9)

We thank each of them for their reporting and also for reminding us to stay strong and to never ever, give up hope.
Our big cement pig is home again.
Our family is whole again.
Thanks to all who cared.

(If you, dear reader, are the teenage pignapper with the initials "N.F" you quite likely now have poison ivy, too bad, so sad)

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