Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hogs and Kisses from The Big Pig Little Free Library

Ok Cincinnati pals,  here is something that you need to know....
There is quite the little party happenin' on the corner of Burch and Observatory. 
The Big Pig Little Free Library is in full celebration mode...
 hogs + kisses!
My Southern pal Jane, who lives not too far from New Orleans, sent a box of goods to our Big Pig so that she could welcome Mardi Gras in complete party style.
Jane is very supportive of our concrete yard "art" and did a great job of guessing her hat size. 
Then the girls got to work in decorating our stylish cement hog.
Let it be known that the beads were given to Ms. Big Pig as a gift....they were absolutely not "earned" by our sweet gal through bosom flashing behavior.
No joggers, dog walkers or unsuspecting library patrons were alarmed in the beading of this pig.
She is absolutely not that kind of a swine.
Our dear pig is also celebrating Valentine's day with gusto and is sharing her very own box full of sweet treats with our friends and neighbors.
So if you are in the neighborhood, please stop by, 
take a book, leave a book, 
share the Valentine love and let the good times roll!

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