Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mean Stacey, Pretend Enemy.

When Anna was a little girl of 4 and 5 years, she had a pretend friend named Simba, based not so loosely on the brave and adorable cub in the Lion King, her favorite childhood movie. 
We have many photos of little Anna grinning with her right arm suspended in the air as she gripped the invisible shoulders of her beloved Simba. She really loved her pretend invisible pal and he was a great friend...always there for her when ever she needed him and always supportive of her four year old ideas of what makes for a good time.
So I thought it was cute and not outside of normal kid behavior when Miss Rose developed a pretend friend of her own named Stacey. 
The thing is though...that Stacey isn't a nice friend at fact she is Rosie's enemy. 
That's right, Rosie has a pretend enemy named Stacey who absolutely WILL NOT LEAVE HER ALONE!
I know this to be true because Stacey calls her on her Barbie phone quite often and Rosie is forced to yell... "Stacey, stop bothering me! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!
Poor Rosie. 
She has told Stacy many times over that she is busy... very very busy. But Stacey keeps calling her and harassing her with all sorts of questions that Rosie has no time for. 
Whenever Rosie comes in from playing outside especially muddy and grimy it's always Stacy to blame. Sometimes she will even say stuff like "you're a baby" while she is throwing Rosie into the mud. 
It's unbelievable. 
Stacey is total jerk.
And while this imaginary mean girl, has become a daughter's nemesis, I was never sure what she was all about. Just who is this Stacey girl and why is she picking on my innocent Rosie?
 A few weeks ago I had one of my questions answered when Rosie and I actually ran into Stacey while out for a walk. 
Rosie stopped dead in her tracks..."I think I see Stacey."
Stacey who? I asked, forgetting for a moment that evil Stacey was a part of our lives and thinking maybe she saw a pal.
"Mean Stacey..." said Rosie.
Turns out it was Mean Stacey... boldly staring us down with her evil doe eyes.
I never occurred to me that  Stacey was a deer,
 (probably Rosie didn't either until we saw her in person)
But there she was, glaring right at Rosie, probably plotting to call her a baby and push her in the mud.
I wasn't sure what to do.
(except take an iPhone picture)
But Rosie did, 
"Go away Stacey, and leave me ALONE!!!"
And Stacey then got all polite, averted her gaze and quietly meandered away from us.
Let this be a lesson to evil deer everywhere...
don't mess with my girl.

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