Saturday, February 16, 2013

Perfectly Imperfect Young Presbyterians

In just a few months Mary will be graduating from high school and moving on, but before she goes she has some business to take care of. As a high school senior in her youth group at church, Mary was one of the five graduating seniors asked to host the services on Sunday...Youth Sunday.
The theme of the service was "Perfectly Imperfect" and each of the teens gave a speech on what they felt it meant to be perfectly imperfect.
They humbly and beautifully spoke about what it meant to be a part of a community that accepted you for the person that you were... flawed, but still perfect in spite of your mistakes. They spoke in appreciation towards the youth leaders and the many kind people involved with the church who gave them a safe place to grow up. Each of the teens, in their own way, told how being a part of such a supportive church body gave them the courage to become their own true and authentic selves. There were many reminiscent moments of the awkward hardships of middle school and how much fun youth group was without the social pressures of school and grades.
There was a also a lot of gratitude.
The teens thanked their families; their parents and even their siblings for "putting up with them for the past 17 and a half years."
They thanked the youth leaders and recognized that Knox Church was a place of friends and family. They noted were very fortunate to have this unconditional support and also that many young people did not.
The spoke of the closeness and importance of dear friendships...Mary spoke of a best friend, Anna G. who she met in Sunday school ten years ago. Anna is now a freshman at Ohio State...Mary misses her a great deal, but they are still very close and always will be.
Knox brought them together and will always be something that they share.  
Mary helped lead the children's time before the youngers went off to their classes. She seemed very Sunday school teacher-ish to me with her lesson plan and microphone.
Mary made a point of thanking her very own "Knox Moms"...the remarkable gang of women who lead the youth groups above and beyond with love and support. 
I have learned that it takes many moms... more than a mom-village for sure, to raise a kid and I am forever grateful for all of the kindness and love heaped upon my girl by these dear Knox Moms. 
Ginny and Jan are pictured here with my girl, but Mary has noted that there are many more..."well, some are more  like sisters or aunts than moms, but they are all really amazing." 
(This ever growing list includes... Jan, Ginny, Jana, Jill, Heidi, Carol and Mary Lou.)
Here are the fantastic five after they led the service.
Did you notice that Mary is the only girl in this gang of handsome fellows?
 (she doesn't mind one bit)
Go forth and do good you perfectly imperfect young Presbyterians...each of you is a bright treasure, making the world a better place. 

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