Thursday, February 14, 2013


Jamie is a stylish and social dude who happens to love Valentine's day more than most ten year old guys.
He knows, without a doubt, that all women, from his 4th grade buddies to his grown up teachers appreciate roses and he loves to give them. This morning I got to see him in action.
As he was getting ready for school, Jamie realized that he was far too encumbered by his giant bucket of flowers to possibly carry his binder and backpack to class, so his dear old mama (me!) acted as his Sherpa carried his school stuff and got to watch his flower delivery routine.
This is how it goes.... 
Jamie sees a gal, puts down his bucket, takes out a single rose and presents it to the lucky lady with a grin.
(he would make a really great made for tv kind of bachelor)
If it's a kid she does a little happy jump and says "thanks Jamie!" (fun and adorable) but if its a teacher... it's a different sort of love story. 
The teacher ladies swoon... they absolutely swoon and I witnessed it for myself.
I watched these these honorable and dear teachers clutch both hands to breast then melt a bit about the shoulders as Jamie reaches into his rose bucket.
They often gasped a little bit. 
And after a moment of collecting themselves from full faint, the rose is accepted and my boy is gratefully hugged about the shoulders and told over and over how sweet and handsome and completely wonderful he is.  
Not a bad way to celebrate Valentine's day.
And Jamie wisely just stayed put,
 and smiled,
 (maybe a smidgey bit embarrassed but still loving it),
and soaked in the fun of  bringing some floral happiness to the ladies in his life of this national day of love.    
Jamie has an enormous amount of love for all of his teachers but he will always have a special place in his heart for Mrs. Duggan, who taught him to read and love books. 
(she may have swooned a bit more than most)

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