Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lunch date with Dr. Malone...princiPAL!

When I was a kid, my English teacher taught me that the difference in spelling principle and principal, was that your school principal was really your princi-PAL. 
This is a photo taken last spring of my two very lucky sons and Dr. Malone... one brave princi-pal. 
Dr. Malone is a brave and adventurous man who agreed to a lunch date with a primary student as an online auction item for the school's fundraiser. Jamie and Henry are the lucky little dudes who got to hang out with their favorite high school principal.
The boys were thrilled to learn that included in their lunch date, was a tour of the high school... here they are in the Spanish room.
They also learned that the upper school is full of cool teenagers who were happy for the distraction brought on by young visitors. Both boys were excited to pose with a class of mostly seniors... spring semester senior year is definitely the best time for a fun visit.  
And then they had a double celebrity sighting of senior soccer stars who were kind enough to pose for a photo.
It should be noted that I was not invited to this fun lunch date with Dr. Malone, so all of these photos were taken with Jamie's camera by the princi-pal himself.
So very kind of him to act as host and personal photographer on the tour.
They enjoyed their time in the science wing working out some cool experiments with Mr. Gorey and Mrs Carey.
And on to a delicious pizza lunch in Dr. Malone's office.
Here are the boys offering up a lemonade toast to their fantastic principal host... who very thoughtfully captured the moment on film.
Dr. Malone has graciously agreed to lunch date host students again this year... the auction closes tomorrow (2/28) so bid today to give your little guys a great high school experience with their future principal. 

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