Friday, February 1, 2013

Neusole magic.

My big bro making something beautiful in Neusole's hotshop... happiest place on earth for him.

My brother John (Schiff) is an artist in the best sense of the word. He values and appreciates beautiful things and is also happy to help the universe by helping other artists add to it's beauty.
And he does so mostly through glass.
John was first introduced to glass art at The Ohio State University way back in the 80's and has never looked back. He started up a truly unique nonprofit called Neusole Glassworks in 2002 which has become a glass mecca for artists who love glass as much as he does. 
Nuesole's mission is to provide a supportive and inspiring environment to raise awareness and appreciation for glass arts. They do so by offering art exhibitions, events and educational programs for everyone... from internationally renowned glass artists to girl scout troops.
If it's glassy... it's Neusole and it's growing.

 If you are the type of artist who loves to draw or paint, you are likely to have those materials with you to do your art anytime you feel like it. Not so much if you work in glass. Glass blowing furnaces and their tools are very few and far between. All glass artist face a lot of challenges in working with glass, which is why the visiting artist program at Neusole was described as a "gift from the Gods" by Dana Martine; glass beader and visiting artist recipient. Neusole happily provides artists from outside of the Cincinnati area an opportunity to create as much art as they are able to during their stay in town. They are offered a stipend for meals, transportation and an apartment to cover the basics as well as the use of all the tools they might need to make something fabulous. At the end of their visit, the artists are given an exhibition... a chance to show off and sell their good works at Atmosphere @ Neusole, or  Neusole North, their new retail shop in Glendale.
And everyone benefits from an arrangement like that. 

Neusole Glassworks North 
5 Village Square
Cincinnati OH 45246

 One of the most unique/awesome things about Neusole is their very own Mobile Hotshop, designed and created from a truck that used to be a plain old 28' U-Haul. This allows them to create glass art anywhere they would like, street fairs and events, parties in the parks, and even smack dab in the middle of a golf course. So if you need someone to to crank out a couple of glass slippers on site, give them a call to make those arrangements and they will set it right up.
 Alert... gorgeous glass bird being born in mobile hotshop.
Make and take your own rose...February 8th and 11th at Neusole Glassworks.
Call (513) 751-3292 to rsvp
Because they believe that everyone regardless of glass experience, can make something beautiful,
 Neusole is offering two workshops where you can make a rose of your own. Don't worry, there will be plenty of hands on help to guide you through the rosey process, and you will leave with something like this made especially for your sweetheart.

The process of working with glass is like processing magic.
I am proud of my brother for recognizing that the world could use a little more magic and for coming up with such a successful plan for making that happen. 
The environment and facilities at Neusole are truly unique and a given blessing to artists and to the rest of the universe.
Please check them out at...

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