Thursday, November 7, 2013

Gratitude. Fast Feet and Good Aim.

One of my sons...I am not saying exactly which one to protect the sort of innocent, threw up his breakfast yesterday.
He wasn't ill in the least... only extremely grossed out by his very own shoes.
He intentionally smelled the soles of his own shoes and was then so overwhelmed by the stench that he ran to the toilet and heaved.
It happened at about the very craziest point of our morning minutes before the bus arrives.
When I went upstairs to see why my son, who was 100% fine moments ago was now violently sick... he shared that the bottoms of his shoes smelled so bad it made him barf.
He said... "I actually smelled the bottoms of was really bad mom, really bad."
While I can't imagine why my son would ever do anything as dangerous as deliberately smell the soles of his shoes, I am very grateful that he had the foot speed and timing to make it to the toilet before he lost his breakfast.

Gratitude...boys with fast feet and good aim.    

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