Saturday, November 9, 2013

US Citizenship. Gratitude.

 Earlier in the school year, my kid's school hosted a Naturalization Oath of Allegiance ceremony. 
The entire student body and staff attended along with the families of our nation's newest citizens.
It was a very moving ceremony and I wasn't the only one who got misty eyed over the experience. In fact, I came close to a big ugly cry at the moment when the judge finished giving the oath and announced...
"You are all now U. S. citizens. Welcome and congratulations."
And with that, the band struck up a patriotic medley...gulp.
Afterwards (as I was trying to compose myself) Jamie found a gentleman in the crowd who like him, was born in Guatemala and was now a very new, very proud American. Some of the students made cards to give to the new citizens and Jamie was very excited to give his to this particular fellow.

And so this naturalization oath reminded me of how grateful I am to be a citizen in a nation that is based on a set of founding ideals that include equality and opportunity. 
Jamie at school.. ready to welcome United States newest citizens.

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