Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I have noticed that a lot of people out there in the blogosphere are using the month of November to express their gratitude. 
I think this is a terrific idea and I have so much to be grateful for so I will be using this month to totally copy off of that idea.
My fist post of gratitude is that I am lucky enough to have spent the weekend with my two dear friends from way back Erika and Terry.
Erika and I have been pals since we were both 7 and I thought her name was America.  We both had the extreme good fortune to meet Terry during our 2nd year as Buckeyes at Ohio State.
 While Erika still lives close by, Terry lives way far away, and we don't get to see each other nearly enough...which is very sad.
And so it was great to get together for a football weekend when Terry, her husband Frank and their cute son Frankie, drove many hours from Philadelphia to watch the Buckeyes play (and beat) Penn State on Saturday night and then the Bengals play (and beat) the Jets on Sunday. 
The games were great, but the best part was just hanging out, engaging in some delightfully immature conversation and very much laughing our middle aged tushies off for about 48 hours straight. 
As an example...one of our weekend highlights happened when Erika and I were asked by a small gathering of older boys, if they could "rub our nuts." 
While it's not nearly as scandalous as it sounds...we were in the Buckeyes stadium during a game and were also wearing our very fashionable string of buckeye necklaces which are traditionally rubbed for luck, but still we were both embarrassed and so we quickly ran to tell Terry all about it. It was no surprise that she knew just what to say and suggested that we go tell those "boys" (who were even deeper into middle age than we are) to "go rub their own nuts." We both agreed that was the absolute perfect comeback and only wished that Terry had been there at the time to offer such a fantastic reply.
So yeah, it was that kind of weekend.
And I am so incredibly grateful for friends like these two and every minute we get to spend together.
The kind and tolerant husbands (and son, Frankie) who behaved like gentlemen all weekend and did not make any lewd comments at the Buckeye game..bless them each.
Our adorables making pre-game scary faces.

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