Sunday, November 3, 2013

Trick or Treat Excitement and Tooth Loss...Halloween 2013

Our little Beyonce had an fabulous night trick or treating in spite of gale force wind and rain. This is how she looked prior to her big night...very excited about her new look and the promise of lots of candy. Her look went down hill from here as I'm sure you can imagine... lets just say that caramel streaked highlight wigs aren't so practical in a rainstorm and I sent a lot of time chasing her wig down. It wasn't too long before I had to confiscate her gross wig after it ended up in the gutter...I  refused to let her put it back on due to absolute nastiness.
I'll bet Jay-Z sets the same sort of hair limits on his Beyonce.   
Jamie dressed as Ace Ventura, Pet Detective...none of his buddies knew who he was because his favorite film was made about 8 years before Jamie and his pals were born. He discovered Ace through his love and admiration for Jim Carrey who he considers a comic genius. 
Jamie's friend Auggie is in the middle of this photo, dressed as a green Slimer monster. It seems likely that the kid in the middle would be Henry, but Henry was too excited about the free candy to be gained from trick or treating and took off before I could photo document him. 
Anyway... Beyonce was absolutly fine with Auggie standing in as Henry. In fact she could not even begin to contain her delight when Auggie/Slimer put his arm around her shoulders for this photo opp...Beyonce was truly smitten.
Lily created a very feathery bird of paradise costume which also did not fare well in the rain. 
She and her pal, dressed as a mad scientist, went trick or treating in a up in a neighboring subdivision and had a great but soggy night. When the rain got to be too much for her feathers, she called and asked to be picked up on "Rookwood Doctor." Which confused the heck out of me, but Karl was able to quickly translate Lily's "Rookwood Doctor" into Rookwood Drive... the abbreviation for "Dr." that made more sense given the context.
Halloween 2013 ended with a most disgusting act of candy overload when Ace Ventura's tooth was pulled out by a huge wad of orange Laffy Taffy. 
It was a baby tooth and he was destined to come out sooner or later, but the candy sped up the tooth losing process by a few months...Jamie excitedly pointed out that it wasn't even a little bit wiggly when it came out.
So now, this family has learned to respect the power of Laffy Taffy...when taffy meets tooth, the taffy will win.
Hope your Halloween had all of the same trick or treaty fun and none of the revolting and a bit painful tooth loss.
Enjoy your candy with caution, friends!

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