Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tadpole People.

I love that people from all over the word really do appear to be the exact same person
from the eyes of their preschooler.
From what I understand, if you give a pencil to a little kid  and ask them to draw a person, they will universally draw the same image. 
So it brings me happiness to know that no matter what corner of the planet you happen to live in, someday your child will draw you as a tadpole...a face with a few arms and legs.
I'm not sure when Rosie made the switch from tadpoles to bodies but it must have been within the past few months. 
 This is the card that she made for  me in the beginning of September.
Please note my cute but pointy teeth and birthday worried eyes.
And this is her most recent drawing....a note of apology to Henry.
In it, herself and Henry are holding hands and both smiling widely with happiness.
In this alternative reality, the curly haired sister made a better choice and did not drink Henry's very own chocolate milk, and Henry is delighted at having a nice sister who respects his snacks and is not a "chocolate milk robber"

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