Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bless this Spider Plant.

 Lily was given a class assignment where she was asked to write a blessing for a living thing. She choose to write about her spider plant.

I think that it blends science and religion quite nicely.

Dear God,
Please bless this spider plant. 
She removes 98% of carbon monoxide from the air. 
Please keep her safe and healthy so that she can continue to do her good work in filtering the air.
Thank you for this plant.

And then she took the plant to school so it could blessed in person. (er, in plant?) 
This was a very exciting event in the life of her spider plant but not without it's hazards. 
Although she was blessed, she came home a bit frazzled around the edges, to which Lily noted...

"It was a hard day for her... she isn't a plant that's used to traveling."

God bless all spider plants everywhere.

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