Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Walk in the Woods.

With a week of extremely mild temps, Karl, and I took three little bears + schnoodle for a walk in the nearby woods.
As the caboose, this was my view for most of the walk.
Except for the times when the two youngest bears, who on each others very last nerve, needed to complain about each other. Then this was my whiny view... you can see how troubled Karl and Lily are by the their stress.   
 The setting was beautiful- much like the "autumn" background at the Sears portrait studio- so I did my best to get some photos of the kids experiencing some woodsy fun. 
"No... I don't want to have a nice face- I will show you my sad face instead" said Rosie happily, my least cooperative little bear. 
I tried to take a happier photo of Henry on a mossy log.
"Nope- don't feel like smiling. This is my not happy, not sad face, the best I can do right now" said  my tiny bit more cooperative medium size bear. 
There's the happy face I was searching for!
Thank you Lily, my most agreeable and biggest bear cub of the afternoon.
Somehow, I did manage to get all three cubs plus Papa Bear, looking pleasant at the same time... well, schnoodle-bear is distracted, but the rest of the team looks happy and relaxed in the real life Sears Portrait Studio. 
And so goes our two sister bears on their way home.

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